Purple socks and black tassel loafers working in harmony.



How to properly wear tie-bars

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This blog is open to getting questions about or aimed at my character(s).


I guess you could say that if you ever become friends with Descole he’s like your DESCBROLE

  • The Mun: { I suppose it's time to whip out that old keyboard of mine... }
  • The Mun: *wipes off dust from electric keyboard*
  • Descole: "Hmph, it's about time you did, my mundane self..."
  • Descole: *cracks his fingers*
  • The Mun: *plays a section of "Kind Feelings"*
  • Descole: "--!!"
{ Serious Schoolwork = Semi-Hiatus}

//It pains me to say that this semester looks really tough this year….to have a full load 16 units and 5 classes on my back is a heavy burden. And even if I drop a class to reduce my workload, I need to work harder than ever to keep up with my classes.

//With that in mind, I will be offline on this blog most of the time, for the next 3 months. (You won’t see me much on your dash, is all)

//If I receive any asks from y’all, I would save it for later unless I see it fit for a response. 

//Luckily, October will be the month of exception (think Halloween = cosplay), so anticipate some cool stuff happening when the time comes.

//Thank you for your patience! 



"It’s that time of the year—and I just want to say to you—

Good luck with school!”

Even a man like myself had an education…knowledge will you will take you further into life, where ambitions and dreams lie ahead…

flora-reinhold-cosplay replied to your post:{ … . }

//noooooooooo don’t be sad about that love!!! past and present fears aren’t something to take lightly and a lot of people are uncomfortable answering asks like that. I know I feel that way and sometimes I do the same thing Xl Don’t feel bad about it!

//ahhhhh my dear, thank you for the support! >3<

//—but your motivational words sound like the beginnings of an epic RP GUHHH when do I got to time for that stuff ;w;

{ … . }

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and that was how I finally found the parts required to my Robot whilst I was in Misthallery. A quaint story indeed


So I’m taking a Japanese class this school semester, and my Japanese teacher was talking about statuses (student = gakusee, ect. [romaji spelling]) Naturally, being Laytonesque as ever, I asked her about calling her professor (kyouju):

"Sensee, can I call you professor instead? Kyouju desu?”

"Ah, iie! Sensee is fine!” [waves hand in apology]


Today’s moral: Don’t call your teacher (sensee) as professor (kyouju), unless stated otherwise

—That is the way of a gentleman/gentlelady!